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Service Dogs for Veterans

I started working with Bill at SD4V, like many Veterans in the program, at a very low time in my life. I had just lost my companion dog of many years and was floundering. I had finally been able to secure my own housing, and the loss of my dog left me utterly alone. Marla filled that void, and more! Unfortunately, to enable me to have Marla full-time, I had to leave my place of employment since they could not approve me working with her in the timetable we needed. This severely crippled my finances. Instead of being a joyous time working with my new dog, I began spiraling down the pit of depression. It has been quite a struggle for me this year. But Marla is my constant bright light- When I pet her, I am reminded of hope, hope that stems from a wonderful organization whose donations made it possible for me to keep Marla- even when I could not afford her. This hope- the reminder that there is goodwill left in the world, that all has not drown in despair and depravity, is one of the main things that keep me going everyday. Without Marla (or your help), I don’t know where I would be today- emotionally and spiritually. She is the reason I get out of bed each day, the motivation to keep moving, one step at a time, slowly, but I am moving….

As the web master for the organization, I am going to attempt to use this space to enlighten others about PTSD, military life, service dogs, and the processes thereof. Hopefully, I will have others write posts relevant to these topics as well. The goal is to make a new post at least once a week, so please subscribe so you can get all the posts.

If anyone has anything they would like to ask a Veteran with PTSD (or TBI and MST for that matter), let me know and we will get that answered for you. Use this as a tool to learn, educate, and inform about the Veteran psyche, service dogs in general, and how all of it relates together.

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