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Yoga and PTSD

Modern yoga and PTSD:

As reported in a recent issue of Discover Magazine, two studies done in 2016 have shown the following results:

Women were chosen as study subjects mostly because they are more prone to practice modern yoga then men. One study group practiced in a group class and the others practiced alone. Both studies proved that physical health quality was higher among all, although more so those who practiced yoga in a class setting rather than alone at home.

Both groups reported better mental health as a result, but again, those in the group classes had greater improvement.

For those subjects with treatment-resistant PTSD, they improved significantly during and after a 10 week yoga program.

By the end of the study, half of the participants no longer met the criteria for a PTSD diagnosis.

The researchers believe that by practicing yoga, body awareness in subjects greatly improved which they believe is linked to overall improved emotional regulation.

More studies are ongoing but this one proved that after as little as eight weeks of yoga instruction, the subjects had lower levels of certain immune system biomarkers proven to be linked to stress.

A side benefit is that for those who also suffer from asthma, their condition significantly improved, mostly because modern yoga concentrates on breathing as well as balance. The meditation aspect of modern yoga practices also provides better blood pressure which would be an obvious health benefit.

Although more proof is needed, the study made researchers believe that yoga may affect the body in a way that turns certain genes affecting physical and mental health on and off.

Regardless of whether the study is solid proof or not, it is believed this would be an inexpensive way to combat the negative effects of PTSD. I hope some of our warriors will try it and that the rest of you might make the suggestion to those who suffer.

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