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Ruminations on a Service Dog

Updated: Aug 4, 2020


Recently I attended a charity event as support staff for Service Dogs 4 Veterans. In attendance were a number of service dog team graduates as well as a few now in training. Some shared stories that repeatedly prove what a miracle the natural instinct of service dogs can be. Of course the word “miracle” is mine chosen for lack of another that better describes this instinct.

One Veteran shared that his service dog clearly knows the difference between work time and play time. Not something the dog was trained to know, but his genetic programming gave him the intelligence to determine the difference. Raising his young granddaughter, the Veteran had to first teach her that when the dog wears the vest, it’s work time. But when the vest comes off, it becomes the family pet, free to be frisky and shower the child and family with attention.

Sharing of this story is to reassure individuals with reservations regarding how a dog will fit into his or her family’s lifestyle; this should be of no concern. Yes, do the research, and talk with a Veteran’s Advocate. Find out for yourself what a miracle these dogs perform on a daily basis. Each has its own story that proves the point which you can read among recorded interviews of graduates. PTSD causes a garden salad variety of challenges for each individual, however, among the many graduated teams, these dogs have met each challenge head on beating it back to the place where it causes less trouble.

These trained service dogs are a gift to us humans, offering that opportunity you seek to rejoin your family and your community as a securely functioning human with less anxiety and fear. You deserve to feel good about yourself again. There is a dog out there who needs you and is waiting to be the miracle in your life.

Contact Service Dogs today so tomorrow can be a brighter day that shows promise. Do it! See for yourself the miracle that I witness whenever in the company of a service dog team. And thank you for your service to our country that secures the freedom for me to express my opinion. Bravo!

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