Graduate Profile


Graduate Profile

Ashley & Aubrey

US Navy Veteran Ashley Johnson with 2 yr old Apricot Standard Poodle 'Aubrey'. Aubrey was adopted for Ashley as an owner surrender/rescue.Ashley served 3 yrs. with one combat deployment.

As a result of having Aubrey and the SD4V training, Ashley begins her new phase of life with a 67% reduction in her symptoms. (Self-assessment questionnaire PCL-5 before and after training) With her Doctor's monitoring, she has eliminated the need for most all of her meds.

"This experience has changed my life for the better in so many ways. Aubrey loves when I reach for her vest to start our day at Clemson. I don't freak out from the crowds or need to skip classes. Aubrey is so alert to our surroundings and me - I always feel safe now. Thank you SD4V for giving me back my freedom."