Graduate Profile


Graduate Profile

Barbara & Duchess

Meet Barbara Melton and her Service Dog, Duchess. Barbara's service to her country spanned thirteen years. As a Sergeant in the Army National Guard, she was deployed to Iraq twice.Relaxation is the word Barbara used to describe what having Duchess at her side as a trained Service Dog means to her. She can now go out in public and relax.

Before Duchess, she was always looking over her shoulder. Now, Duchess does that for her, so she can relax and enjoy herself in public. Barbara said others can't imagine the difference in her life that resulted from the training. She achieved a 34% reduction in her life limiting symptoms and has significantly reduced her anxiety medication. Barbara can see the amazing impact of Duchess and the training has had in her life.

So, what's next for this ADA-compliant Service Dog Team? Barbara and Duchess are now ready to tackle flying to Michigan in May. She has anxiety attacks at airports and just being out in public since her service in Iraq, so this will truly be a test for them. With Duchess at her side, Barbara is ready to fly again!