Graduate Profile


Graduate Profile

Bruce & Haley

A US Marine Corp Veteran, with 16 years of service, Bruce experienced multiple deployments in Desert Storm and Mogadishu, in artillery and intelligence roles, and left the Marines as a Major (O-3). Bruce and Haley officially became an ADA compliant Service Dog Team on March 29, 2019, but Bruce said from day one they had an incredible connection and it felt like they were an instant team!

Haley is a rescue from Greenville Animal Care. Upon completing the 7 month program with Haley, Bruce also achieved a 69% reduction in his life limiting symptoms, and a corresponding reduction in his medication and scheduled trips to his therapist.Bruce says the SD4V program gave Haley lots of amazing skills to help him in time of need, and gave him the skills to keep the training going after graduation. It also gave him the opportunity to develop a new network of friendships with other Veterans he really appreciated.

From the day when Haley arrived, the two of them have been inseparable. There's no stopping them now. Bruce said having Haley has given him a new beginning. She's given him balance in his life, and now he wants to give back by helping other Veterans.