Graduate Profile


Graduate Profile

Jacquie & Moe

Meet Jacquie Myers and her Service Dog, Moe. On advice from her VA councilor that she consider getting a service dog, Jacquie and her family found the perfect dog to train in Moe at the Oconee Humane Society. Jacquie would tell you that before Moe, she was not a 'dog person.' Meeting Moe changed all of that.

Jacquie served 7-1/2 years as a Corporal in the Marine Corps; overseas deployments included the Persian Gulf War. When asked to describe the impact of having Moe as her Service Dog, Jacquie said the first word that comes to mind: Peace! Not only did she achieve a 55% reduction in her life limiting symptoms, she's able to go out and enjoy life, feeling so much more at ease and comfortable. Because her family was encouraged to come to classes with her, Jacquie feels that the family is now closer.

Moe bonded with the entire family beautifully and a side benefit of the SD4V training was the camaraderie among the Veterans in the program. They bonded because they understood each other. Jacquie especially appreciated the training team that worked with her and Moe. She thanked the trainers for their feedback and suggestions that were always so positive & helpful. Given the needs of the Veterans, Jacquie knows how important a positive approach and encouragement can be.