Graduate Profile


Graduate Profile

Jennifer & Addie

When Jen saw how helpful service dog Marla was for our veteran & graduate Tim Jackson, she was inspired to contact SD4V because she needed that same help for herself. SD4V's adoption team of Ann Goodheart and Linda Williams vetted owner surrender Addie and thought it would be a perfect match for Jen's lifestyle and training needs. Right they were. When they met, the connection between Jen & Addie was immediate.

Jen served our country for 6-1/2 years in the United States Marine Corp as a Helicopter Mechanic/ Maintenance Controller, with deployments that included Afghanistan. Adjusting to civilian life after service has been difficult.

According to Jen, Addie has turned her life around. Before Addie, she felt isolated and stressed, to the point that she didn't go anywhere. Without Addie, Jen said she would have continued the 'cycle of not living.' With Addie as her Service Dog, life has completely changed for the better.

Gong out is not the daunting exercise it had been. Addy is trained to do four ADA Tasks that make all the difference when Jen gets stressed. As a result of loyal Addie and the training, Jen has seen a significant reduction in her PTSD symptoms and the need for her anxiety meds.

Jen said she was most surprised with the support she received in the program. The love shown by the trainers and SD4V volunteers was a big factor in enjoying training.