Graduate Profile


Graduate Profile

Jerry & Nala

Jerry Murphy with 1-1/2yr old Nala. Jerry adopted Nala from the Greenville Animal Care shelter to be his future service dog.

Jerry is a US Marine Veteran. He served 3-1/2yr. with 2 combat deployments to Iraq as a Combat Correspondent. In addition to his service dog he graduated with a 54% reduction in his life limiting symptoms. (Using the PCL-5 self-assessment before and after training)

"The biggest highlight of the program for me was seeing the transformation of Nala. She went from wild to well-trained, from being extremely sociable to being extremely disciplined. After I left the service, I was always looking over my shoulder. Now, Nala does it for me. I'm normal again and it's incredibly freeing. I'd say to any Veteran that needs a service dog - Do it! It'll change your life. For me it took the pain of my memories away!"