Graduate Profile


Graduate Profile

Joe & Trigger

Joe served 4 years active duty with the US Marine Corp and 9 years with the South Carolina National Guard, and was deployed to the Persian Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

With Trigger, a 1 year-old Blue Heeler, and the completion of the Service Dog training program, Joe reports a 38% reduction in his life-limiting symptoms, (Using the PCL-5 self-assessment before and after training.)

Now that he and Trigger have graduated, the first word that comes to mind for Joe is accomplishment. "To see Trigger working with purpose and focus, and see how excited he is doing it, is everything I'd hoped for!"

This accomplishment is all the more significant because Joe initially had concerns about whether Trigger would be trainable. But as Joe said: "The high training standards and coaching transformed both Trigger and me as his handler into an awesome team." Clearly Trigger's success is Joe's success.

Joe's appreciation for the service dog training program extends beyond the wonderful relationship he and Trigger share. Now he's looking forward to encouraging other organizations that support veterans to incorporate service dogs into their activities.