Graduate Profile


Graduate Profile

Sidney & Tank

Sidney began his military service in June 1986 when he joined the United States Air Force. His career spanned 21 years as a Civil Engineer and it included five deployments including the Middle East before he retired in 2007 as an E-7.

Sidney credits Tank and SD4V for his improved health, because Tank gets him out of the house. They routinely walk five miles a day, exercise that has helped Sidney recover from knee surgery and also helped to reduce his medication. Sidney was most surprised at how smoothly the training went, and he attributed that to the quality of the SD4V trainers.

Sidney's hope for SD4V is that it expands further throughout South Carolina and perhaps become a model for other states. He spoke of his Veteran friends in other states whose lives could be much improved if offered the same program. Quoting him: "Because other Veterans are dealing with demons without the help a trained dog can be."