Graduate Profile


Graduate Profile

William & Blue

William Kennedy with his 2 yr. old Standard Poodle 'Blue'. Blue was purchased as a family pet but circumstances required a change in plans and he's now an ADA compliant Service Dog!

William is a US Army Veteran with 8 years' service as an E-5 Combat Engineer, including one combat deployment to Iraq. He reports a 41% reduction in his symptoms (using the PCL-5 self-assessment before and after training) and now needs fewer medications. "I can do things I couldn't do before: go to concerts, be in crowds. Now, I can help my wife rather than rely on her to help me. Now I have Blue to help me and to rely on. He is totally in tune with me. The camaraderie with the other vets was a big plus. I never felt alone. Lots of support from beginning to end. Top-notch program. I'd do it again in a minute!"