Graduate Profile


Graduate Profile

Josh & Silo

Josh’s service to our country began in 2006 when he joined the US Army, and spanned nine years. He was deployed once to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan as an E-5 Motor Transport Operator. ​

Josh comes to Service Dogs for Veterans from Mooresville, NC. His dog 'Silo' was adopted from Greenville Animal Care shelter. Josh said he knew that Silo was a keeper on their first meeting. He and Silo made the two hour trip to classes from NC. Josh was a stickler for following the program but what was surprising and special was how excellent Silo was in class, from the beginning. Josh reported a 23% reduction in his symptoms using the PCL-5 questionnaire before and after training. Silo mastered 4 ADA Tasks which he loves to perform when he senses Josh is in need. ​

Josh said he and Silo have enjoyed tremendous support from SD4V, and from his employer and co-workers who have created a welcoming environment for Silo. He compliments the SD4V training team, for their knowledge and their attention to each veteran and dog. The camaraderie between classmates in the all-veteran classes was a big help too.

When asked what he would say to another veteran considering the SD4V training, Josh said, “Do it! It’s life changing!”