Welcome to the SDFV website

We aim to be the go-to organization in Greenville, SC, and the Upstate, for military veterans who seek a companion or service dog.

If you are a veteran that's been diagnosed with PTSD*, TBI*, or MST*, we specialize in providing training for you and your dog. We can consider training your pet dog, or rescue a great dog at a shelter.

Our program is intended to complement the traditional care provided by the VA and is for those veterans who feel there is a part missing in their treatment. Maybe a trained dog can uniquely provide that missing part. Please see our PTSD tab to learn more about the role a dog can play in your treatment.

If a dog is not appropriate for your situation, a "Therapy Cat" may be a better fit. We have partnered with the non-profit Foster Paws cat rescue. They would love to help you rescue a cat that needs a loving home and can provide lots of comfort. Their link is at the bottom of the ABOUT US tab.

SDFV is fortunate to have the Dog Trainers Workshop as our training partner. Founded and led by Connie Cleveland, a nationally recognized dog trainer with over 30 years training experience. She and her staff are passionate about their craft and about working with veterans and their dogs. Connie's training techniques consistently produce impressive results quickly. You can learn more about the training we provide on our ABOUT US tab.

SDFV receives no funding from Federal, State, or local government. Private and business donations are what make the work we do, possible. The incredible generosity of our donors enables the out of pocket cost to the veterans to be very modest. Please see our DONATE tab if you would like to help make a veteran's dream of getting a service dog come true.

SDFV is a SC public benefit corporation, and an IRS approved 501(c)(3) public charity. All donations are tax deductible. See our DONATE tab if you'd like to make an online donation.

If you would like to be contacted to learn more about our program, you can do that on our CONTACT US tab

*PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder *TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury *MST - Military Sexual Trauma