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For some, the battle is not over. The sights, the sounds, the smells still haunt the minds of many of our Nation’s Heroes.

SD4V provides a unique training program for Veterans to train their own Service Dog, to help them cope with the pain of loss, the nightmare of memory, and the loneliness of survival.

This training helps to build strong ADA-compliant Service Dog Teams that positively impact the quality of life of the Veteran, and their Dog.

Scroll below to see what success in the SD4V Program looks like. These Veterans have experienced recovery and healing throughout their journey.


Service Dog Teams


Chase & Rex

My wife and a friend encouraged me to look into getting a service dog, then my therapist referred me to SD4V. After my intake call with Cassidy, she went to work looking for a rescue dog for me. When she sent me the video of Rex, I knew I had found my future service dog!


Jamie & Duke

At first, I found a service dog training organization in Florida because my family believed that getting a service dog would help me. But once I discovered I would need to spend a significant amount of time there, away from home, I realized my job prohibited that option. That organization referred me to SD4V. After my intake call with Cassidy, my family and I started an intensive search for the right dog at local shelters. With Cassidy’s help, we found a lab mix named Duke that was waiting for a new family, and he checked all the boxes!


Ashley & Koda

Although I had originally acquired my dog Koda as a companion for my son, I recognized how much having a dog helped him. Then my husband saw a SD4V sign and encouraged me to check it out. For a couple months I experienced constant anxiety because I didn’t think Koda could do it. But getting through the first few months of training was key.


Cassidy & Poe

After I relocated within the SD4V service area, I was allowed to apply and be accepted into the program. It was then that my husband and I knew the past struggles to obtain a Service Dog were over.

Program Success

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Graduated Service
Dog Teams
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Graduated Companion
Dog Teams

The partnership between a well-trained dog and a Veteran can be life-changing.

Growth Journey

Healing Walk for All Veterans

What you need to know
  • After 8 months of living with your dog, being trained to train & bond with your own dog, and graduating as an ADA compliant Service Dog Team - Veterans can expect on average a 48% reduction* in their significant life limiting symptoms!
  • With the generosity of our donors, 98% of the costs are paid through scholarships resulting in very modest out-of-pocket costs to the Veteran.
Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help?

We rescue shelter dogs selected for the individual training needs and lifestyle of the Veteran.

In 8 months we graduate loyal working dogs and confident, skilled handlers. Veterans learn positive reinforcement training techniques that bring out the best in themselves & their dog.

Where is SD4V Located?

We are located in Greenville, South Carolina, serving Veterans in Upstate South Carolina, Western North Carolina, & Georgia.

Typically, any veteran within a 2-hour, or less, driving distance can enter the program

Who is eligible to apply?

SD4V’s program is provided for Veterans and active military regardless of the era in which served. Applicants must have a verified clinical diagnosis of PTSD, TBI, or MST to qualify for the program.

What is expected from the Veteran?

The Veteran will attend a weekly one-hour day-time or evening group class. Family members are urged to attend as well. The Veteran will keep a daily training log. The benefit is the family knows what the dogs know. Companion Dog program is a duration of three months. The Service Program is an additional five months, for a total of an eight-month program.

Can my dog become a Service Dog?

Yes! The Veteran’s dog will be considered. This will be discussed during the intake process. We provide a complete wellness check-up by our veterinarian.

Where do the program provided dogs come from?

Our goal is to use 100% local shelter and rescue dogs. Dogs are selected and vetted based on the individual training needs and lifestyle requirements of the Veteran. We provide a complete wellness check-up by our veterinarian.

Certified Training

Experienced & Professional

Dog Trainers

Our training staff is here to support you. Our program trainers provide real-world service training, recognized professionally, through these certification organizations.

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