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For some, the battle is not over. The sights, the sounds, the smells still haunt the minds of many of our Nation’s Heroes.

SD4V provides a unique training program for Veterans to train their own Service Dog, to help them cope with the pain of loss, the nightmare of memory, and the loneliness of survival.

This training helps to build strong ADA-compliant Service Dog Teams that positively impact the quality of life of the Veteran, and their Dog.

Scroll below to see what success in the SD4V Program looks like. These Veterans have experienced recovery and healing throughout their journey.


Service Dog Teams

Nate & Olivia

I moved from Kileen, Texas to Greenville to participate in the training program at Service Dogs for Veterans with my Aussie-doodle Olivia. I couldn’t find a program like it anywhere else in the country, and I knew it was exactly what I needed to help me. I knew I wanted to learn how to train my own dog, and the trainers at SD4V taught me everything I needed to know, and now Olivia and I are an unstoppable team. She provides great support, even on days I don’t want to get out of bed.

Jeffery & Rhett

Initially I was anxious, unsure whether I could make it through the program.But I was surprised by my own ability. Everyone provided good corrections during training whenever needed and I always felt encouraged, disciplined, and supported.

Cindy & Maisie

After many unsuccessful attempts to obtain a service dog through the VA, I adopted my dog Maisie, a labradoodle, just prior to beginning training at Service Dogs for Veterans. I felt unsure if I could do it, especially when she barked a lot during class. Fortunately, the agility equipment brought fun into training which allowed her to just be a dog, building up her confidence which in turn circled back to me.

Charlie & Sam

When I was referred by the VA to Service Dogs for Veterans, at first, I thought it didn’t make sense in my life. I didn’t know anyone who had gone through the program, so I wasn’t confident about the difference it would make for me. If it did not make a difference, it meant a big commitment for nothing. But once Cassidy picked up my rescue dog Sam, a Schnauzer, I knew it was really happening.

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Graduate Service Dog Teams


Graduated Companion Dog Teams



Avg. Symptom Reduction
Sheppard dog laying down looking up with beautiful green eyes Shepard Collie Mix Breed

Healing Walk

for all Veterans

What you need to know

Reduce your symptoms

After 8 months of living with your dog, being trained to train & bond with your own dog, and graduating as an ADA compliant Service Dog Team - Veterans can expect on average a 50% reduction* in their significant life limiting symptoms!

Lasting Impact

We encourage and welcome any and all involvement from the Veteran’s family and friends. Throughout all three phases, the Veteran will be assisted by a Veteran Advocate for support and encouragement.

Low out-of-pocket cost

With the generosity of our donors, 98% of the costs are paid through scholarships resulting in very modest out-of-pocket costs to the Veteran.


How can we help?

We rescue shelter dogs selected for the indiviual training needs and lifestyle of the Veteran.

Our Journey's

Veterans learn positive reinforcement training techniques that bring out the best in themselves & their dog.

In 3 Months we graduate focused companion dogs and confident, skilled handlers.

In 8 Months we graduate loyal service dogs and confident, skilled handlers.

Where is SD4V located?

We are located in Greenville, South Carolina, serving Veterans in Upstate South Carolina, Western North Carolina, & Georgia.

Typically, any veteran within a 2-hour, or less, driving distance can enter the program.

Who is eligible to apply?

SD4V’s program is provided for Veterans and active military regardless of the era in which served. Applicants must have a verified clinical diagnosis of PTSD, TBI, or MST to qualify for the program.

What is expected from the Veteran?

The Veteran will attend a weekly one-hour day-time or evening group class. Family members are urged to attend as well. The Veteran will keep a daily training log. The benefit is the family knows what the dogs know. Companion Dog program is a duration of three months. The Service Program is an additional five months, for a total of an eight-month program.

Can my dog become a Service Dog?

Yes! The Veteran’s dog will be considered. This will be discussed during the intake process. We provide a complete wellness check-up by our veterinarian.

Where do the program dogs come from?

Our goal is to use 100% local shelter and rescue dogs.

Dogs are selected and vetted based on the individual training needs and lifestyle requirements of the Veteran.

We provide a complete wellness check-up by our veterinarian.

The relationship between a well-trained dog and a Veteran can be LIFE-CHANGING.


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