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Book: Heroes of the Heart

Follow the journeys of wounded veterans who seized a second chance at life offered by service dogs. Since Vietnam vet Bill Brightman founded Service Dogs for Veterans, more than sixty-three military men and women have graduated and regained dignity, healing, and normalcy through the program. Vets and dogs train together for months until each pair becomes an inseparable team with new purpose in life.     - src: sallyhursey.com

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Welcome to SD4V.org

For some, the battle is not over. The sights, the sounds, the smells still haunt the minds of many of our Nation's Heroes.

We at Service Dogs for Veterans are providing a new battle buddy for these brave men and women to help them cope with the pain of loss, the nightmare of memory, and the loneliness of survival.

Our Recent Graduates

Our goal here at SD4V is to build strong Veteran and Service Dog Teams that will have a positive impact on the Veteran's quality of life.

With Addie as her Service Dog, life has completely changed for the better. Going out is not the daunting exercise it had been. As a result of loyal Addie and the training, Jen has seen a significant reduction in her PTSD symptoms and the need for her anxiety meds.

Jennifer & Addie

45% Reduction in life limiting symptoms

Sidney began his military service in June 1986 when he joined the United States Air Force. He spoke of his Veteran friends in other states whose lives could be much improved if offered the same program.

Quoting him: "Because other Veterans are dealing with demons without the help a trained dog can be."

Sidney & Tank

38% Reductuion in life limiting symptoms

Steve served 6 years in the US Navy as an E-5 Boiler Technician with multiple deployments in the North Atlantic.

The program has given him Barrett, but now Steve has a newfound way to connect and help other veterans going through the program Steve encourages other Military Veterans considering the training to "Go for it!"

Steve & Barrett

28% Reduction in life limiting symptoms

Growth Journey

Healing walk for

all Veterans

We rescue shelter dogs selected for the individual training needs and lifestyle of the Veteran. In 8 months we graduate loyal working dogs and confident, skilled handlers, and out of pocket costs for the Veteran are modest due to the generosity of private and corporate donors.

With the help of People

We help Veterans write new chapters of hope.

SD4V is grateful for the commercial establishments that allow us to conduct our Public Access training. At the top of this list is Cabela's, JD and his team have been a huge help. They not only allow us to train, they provide the space to have our graduation and conduct post-graduation interviews. Thank You!

We are grateful for other local merchants: Lowe's, Target, Kohl's, TJ Maxx & Walmart.

They allow our Service Dogs in Training to practice.

Our Veterans Say

Testimonials from graduates, supporters, and those helping change Veteran lives.

"The program and Liberty have empowered me. Before her, I had to have people with me in order to be able to go out. Now I can go alone with Liberty by my side and I am more productive at work. Before I had to be strategic about everything, getting gas, going to the store, going outside even. But no more. Now I am free to just do whatever or go wherever. Freedom. IT's a powerful thing."

DeAndria "Andi" Hardy


Our Partners

Unselfishly giving to honor those who have given so much.

Help give a Veteran the quality of living and future they deserve.



To complement the traditional treatment for Veterans with PTSD, TBI, and MST, by training them and a dog to become highly effective ADA Compliant Service Dog Teams.


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