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Service Dogs for Veterans, Greenville, SC a 501(c)(3) charity.

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Tim Jackson, US Army, Web Master

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Service Dogs for Veterans
P.O. Box 965
Taylors, SC  29687


Veteran with PTSD training service do
PTSD amputee Veteran wih srvice dog

Donations are greatly needed and

every dollar makes a difference

Donate now-
We'll be

We are always trying to make it easier for you to donate. Here are some ideas for amounts and what they would cover:

  • $25 - Sponsors a Vet for the Day

  • $75 - Bowls, collars, and leashes  for a new dog starting the program

  • $100 - Food for one dog for one month

  • $250 - Veterinary expenses for one dog through the program

  • $500 - All supplies for one dog: Crate, bowls, vest, leashes, etc.

  • $900 - This covers supplies, Vet expenses, and food for a Team

  • Call for full Veteran sponsorship donation amounts which would cover all the expenses for a Veteran from start to finish

Please Click Here to Donate-Thank you for your Support!


To make a donation in Memorial of a Loved One- Please click here:

Please contact us for current

sponsorship costs

Yes, we do accept checks as well!